Fire Prevention - The importance of a Fire Risk Assessment in the workplace

18th September 2019

Fire Prevention - The importance of a Fire Risk Assessment in the workplace

All workplaces premises require a Fire Risk Assessment, there are very few premises that are exempt, domestic dwellings for example, an assessment is however, needed for the Common Areas in blocks of flats, apartments or Houses with Multiple Occupation (Student Accommodation) Guest Houses and Holiday Lettings.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 for England & Wales (and associated legislation Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 & Fire & Rescue Services (Northern Ireland) Order 2006) is specific in the requirement for a Fire Risk Assessment to be carried out in the workplace. It is an offence under Article 9 of The Order if this is not undertaken, or it is not suitable and sufficient for your workplace or processes.

It is the responsibility of the Owner or Occupier, (or anyone designated the Responsible Person as defined in The Order), to ensure this assessment is carried out, is suitable and sufficient and contains all the relevant information including provision for persons with mobility impairments.

The Order also makes it quite clear that the assessor must have the relevant competency, skills and knowledge. In a very small single occupancy premises, (simple, single occupancy, ground floor - low risk office), the Owner or Occupier or an employee might be able to carry out a basic ‘5 Step Approach’ assessment, but more often, in medium to large, complex or high risk activity premises, the Responsible Person has neither the skill-based personnel, resources, nor the time to ensure the Fire Risk Assessment process is carried out correctly, methodically, diligently and contains all the relevant information. It should be noted that any premises with sleeping accommodation is deemed as ‘high risk’.

We offer a bespoke service to evaluate your business workplace, its processes, the people and the infrastructure to produce a fully compliant Fire Risk Assessment that identifies any hazards or dangerous conditions, together with a priority based action plan to ensure commensurate remedial measures can be put in place where necessary and within a reasonable timescale. We also assess the Emergency Plan and procedures on your behalf.

By adopting the established British Standard PAS 79 Methodology Model, (recognised as the industry preference by UK wide Fire & Rescue Service Authorised Inspectors), Boden Fire and Security can provide you with a quality and fully expansive assessment that provides you with the assurance, not only that you comply with legislation but, you are aware and able to implement improvement measures to safeguard your workforce, tenants and guests.

Please feel free to give us a call or use the contact form for a no obligation advisory response.

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