Changes to the CITB HS&E Test

15th October 2019

Changes to the CITB HS&E Test

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) have updated the Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) test to raise the standards for those working in the construction industry. The changes are intended to give employers the assurance that their workforce and those they work alongside, are qualified to contribute to a safe working environment and are well prepared to be safe on site.

What are the key changes to the CITB HS&E Tests?

Current Legislation – All versions of the test have been reviewed to ensure they reflect current legislation.

Now Only One Section – Previously two sections of questions to answer, candidates will only have one in the revised test as the behavioural case study has been removed.

Level Playing Field – Each person sitting the operative test will have the same number of easy, medium and hard questions ensuring a ‘level playing field’ for all operatives who take it.

New Question Style – To ensure candidates really know the procedures for being safe on the job, the Managers and Professionals (MAP) version of the test will require candidates to drag and drop the answers into the right order.

Changes to Revision Material – The updated operatives revision material will not include every single question and answer from the test meaning that those sitting the test cannot memorise the answers. However, the new revision material will still cover all the information needed to revise for the test.

Changes to On-Screen Tutorial – Improvements have been made to the on-screen tutorial so that candidates can learn how to operate the equipment during the test.

The changes which were implemented on the 26th June 2019 are the result of two and half years working with industry and experts and taking into account feedback from construction workers, employers and other key stakeholders across the industry to ensure that the HS&E test continues to be fair, valid and reliable.

Further information can also be found in this ‘Roofing Today’ article.

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