Working Towards Sustainability? Don't Overlook Your Air Conditioning Systems

19th April 2021

Boden Group | Sustainable management and legal requirements of AC Systems using F gas. F Gas planned maintenance schedule and leak checks.

Air conditioning and refrigeration systems use fluorinated gasses (F gasses)  in their refrigeration cycle that, if released into the atmosphere, cause more harm to the environment than Carbon Dioxide. Businesses have a legal responsibility to ensure proper maintenance of AC and refrigeration systems to remain compliant and reduce environmental impact.

The Government mandated maintenance schedule for F gas differs depending on the type of system and the refrigerants used.  Heat pumps, fire suppression systems, refrigerated trucks and electrical switchgear can also contain refrigerant gas and undergo maintenance checks in line with Government legislation.  A link provided at the footer of this post.

It's a legal requirement that qualified engineers from companies certified with an appropriate certification body perform servicing and repairs to AC and refrigeration systems.  Any leaks found during the planned maintenance must be repaired immediately and leak checked a month after completion.  Be sure that any repairs you commission are costed correctly to include the follow-up leak check!

REFCOM Certification Ltd is a Government-authorised certification body that audit refrigeration and AC providers, ensuring they have appropriate skills and working standards to meet the Government F gas regulations. It's essential to select a maintenance or installation provider registered under this or a similar certification scheme.  How they maintain, install, and dispose of waste gasses are audited, ensuring they meet legal requirements giving you the service you expect.

Mandatory equipment checks must continue despite the lockdown restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic. It's also essential to ensure your provider has a safe work system with a COVID risk assessment and appropriate control measures.

If you'd like further information on F gas compliance or need to ensure your building systems meet the legislation, please contact us on 0845 646 0112 for details.

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GOV.UK | F Gas Guidance

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